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Aviation Safety Management Software

airline SMS Software Training by SMS Pro

NWDS provides a wide array of training options for the Web-based, airline SMS software SMS Pro. NWDS airline safety software professionals develop training materials and also provide the training.

airline Safety (SMS) Software Training Options

Setup Assistance
NWDS provides an SMS implementation expert to walk you through the setup via multiple modes, such as email, phone support, Skype and Webinars. NWDS' configuration expert assists airlines with initial setup and configuration settings including detailed analysis and advice. This service is included with the initial setup costs.
On-site SMS Software Training
NWDS delivers on-site courses to meet your airline's requirements. Typically, this on-site instruction is geared towards "Train the Trainer" courses and timed to coincide with specific phases of your airline's SMS implementation. SMS software training can be conducted at multiple locations of your airline operating areas. For example, airline authorities may be managing multiple airlines and wish a trainer to visit each facility. Training may also be geared toward SMS fundamentals and not focus entirely on the airline's safety management systems (SMS) software.
Basic SMS Admin Training
The Basic SMS Pro Administration course is designed for airlines setting up their airline SMS data management programs. We will walk you through the most commonly used modules, and show you how to configure your policies and manage your SMS documents. But there is a lot more. We will go through each ICAO pillar. We'll demonstrate what is required in an airline SMS implementation and show you how to use SMS Pro airline SMS software tools to satisfy these requirements.

More information on basic airline SMS Admin training here.
Advanced SMS Admin Training
Safety Managers, Department Heads, and other SMS Pro users interested in adding even greater value to their safety management program are encouraged to attend. We recommend that at least two employees are sent to this advanced SMS software training from each airline. This will provide an increase of safety management continuity and mitigate "change management" risks.

More information on basic airline SMS Admin training here.
Custom SMS Training
NWDS delivers high quality custom SMS training that can be geared towards your airline's specific needs. Safety professionals will work with you to include your specific airline's configuration in our training materials and course instruction. Our airline SMS training and course materials will focus on your unique business processes and user groups, such as executives or line staff. NWDS' goal is to allow you to achieve your airline's SMS training needs, with or without the Web-based SMS Pro airline safety software in the most effective and efficient way possible.