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Safety Policy Modules

Introduction to Aviation SMS Version Controlled Documentation

In the first few years, NWDS provided a couple different solutions for managing version controlled documentation.

One thing we quickly learned is that document management is a complex task when done properly. Also, we found better solutions than what we could provide,so we provide a third party plugin to manage your version controlled documents. The product we provide in the hosted SMS Pro™ is Document Exchange. If we install SMS Pro™ for you, then we will also add this module per request.

Organize your content

  • Store your files in a folder structure, just as you would when using your trusted Windows Explorer. Any document belongs to exactly one folder.
  • Organize your files using categories. Any document can belong to multiple categories.

Share content

  • Share your files across your portal. Every DMX module is a virtual drive into an underlying folder structure. Instantiate multiple DMX instances in your portal and allow your users to share content across the portal.
  • Link to content in DMX using URL that will navigate to content automatically
  • Syndicate content from DMX using RSS

Document Upload/Download

  • Use the wizard to upload content. Uploading becomes much more user friendly using a wizard interface, guiding the user through the process.
  • Upload control shows progress and prevents mishaps. The upload control gives the user feedback about the upload process.
  • Upload multiple files at once.
  • Double click download.
  • Download by email.
  • Choose between upload controls
  • Unzip on upload
  • Specify a thumbnail for a document (new)


Aviation SMS Documentations
  • Every item (folder, document, etc) has its own security settings.
  • Permissions are both role- and user based.
  • Permissions are extensible. By default ADD, VIEW, EDIT, APPROVE are available. For custom applications more can be added.
  • By default permissions are inherited upon creation of an item.
  • Files are hashed and renamed to prevent direct download.
  • Files can be saved outside the portal root and even to a network share to further complicate tampering.
  • Administrators can decide to switch off permission setting by regular users for particular branches of the document tree
  • Document Administrators can revive documents from the last stage of deletion, called the graveyard (new)


  • Use the search box above the file list to quickly filter a list without interaction with the server (i.e. this is lightning fast)
  • Search engine is configurable and can set changed per portal.
  • Document contents are indexed using DotLucene® search engine or MS Indexing Service.
  • Use our unique on screen search panel to search the entire contents of the repository
  • Search on any field or combination of fields.
  • Use an advanced search box to compile your own Lucene syntax queries.
  • Limit search to folder/subfolders
  • Highlights in search results (new)


  • Subscribe to content and be notified upon changes
  • Use of tokens means admin can make custom notifications
  • The notification mechanism can be expanded for use in custom applications
  • Notifications are pooled and sent in batches to avoid email floods
  • Email documents from within the module to others (new)

More Information About Aviation SMS Documentation

FAA Safety Management System (SMS) Framework PDF
UK Civil Aviation Authority Operations & Safety
GCAA Advisory Publication CAAP 50 on Safety Management System (SMS) PDF
Australian Government Advisory Circular AC 145-1(0) Draft PDF