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Airline SMS Software - Since 2008

Web-based, easy to use, configurable, robust airline safety management software to manage safety, security, quality, compliance and environmental issues.

Benefits of Airline

SMS Software by SMS Pro

Enhance Airline Safety
Enhance Airline Safety

SMS Pro's Airline Safety Management Software enables airlines to enhance safety and achieve regulatory compliance using best practices.

SMS Pro allows airline managers to handle safety activities easily, so that injuries and incidents decline and open safety issues are closed quickly.

SMS Pro helps reduce financial losses, insurance premiums, property damage, lost days, and regulatory agency fines.

Reactive to Proactive Management
Reactive to Proactive Safety Management

SMS Pro helps airlines manage safety, security, quality, compliance and environmental issues by providing a rich, flexible array of airline safety modules to identify airline hazards, to reduce claims, and to develop airline safety management strategies to positively impact your airline's bottom line.

From initial reactive risk management strategies to proactive managing airline safety concerns for final ICAO, FAA, EASA compliance. SMS Pro airline safety software has tools for the most complete and mature airline safety management systems.

Comprehensive Configurable SMS Software
Comprehensive Configurable SMS Software

SMS Pro is a comprehensive software suite for airline safety and security management. Based on ICAO's four pillars, SMS Pro provides

  • Incident and accident management (including OSHA reporting);
  • Safety inspection check lists;
  • Corrective Preventive Actions (CPA) tracking;
  • Training and qualifications tracking;
  • Hazard management; and
  • Safety performance tracking to help airlines improve safety throughout the organization.

Popular airline Safety Modules

Corrective Actions
Corrective Actions

Once your airline safety professionals have determine the root cause of the accident, incident or irregularity, corrective preventive actions (CPAs) are applied and documented.

Documentation remains important for future review and validation, as your airline safety professionals must ensure applied CPAs remain effective and recurrence has been either prevented entirely or minimized.

Risk Analysis Charts
Risk Analysis Charts

Safety managers classify reported issues using one of several classification schemes. Managers can then use the results of these classifications and easily perform qualitative risk analyses using real time data.

Managers are able to focus on various threats, determining the extent of vulnerabilities and devising countermeasures should hazards manifest themselves again.

Hazard Reporting
Hazard Reporting

Airline employees should be encouraged to submit hazard reports of any unsafe or potentially harmful condition. Hazard reports help identify potential hazards before accidents occur, and must be encouraged at all levels. When hazards exist, every airline employee that notices the hazard is responsible for reporting it.

SMS Pro provides many user-friendly ways for users to submit hazard reports.

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