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Aviation Safety Management Software

Airline SMS Software Press Releases

Recent press releases regarding SMS Pro Web based aviation safety management software.

Recent Press Releases Involving Airline Safety Management Software

Transport Canada Bird/Wildlife Report in Safety Management Systems (SMS) Software

Many Canadian companies use Web based aviation safety management (SMS) software SMS Pro. This aviation SMS software has many predefined reporting forms and now includes Transport Canada's Bird/Wildlife reporting form.

New! Aviation Risk Management in Chinese for Airlines & Airport Safety Management Systems

SMS Pro is being translated into Chinese: 1) Traditional; and 2) Simplified. NWDS expects the translation to be completed within the next week. SMS Pro's Web based aviation safety management software has been available in five languages.

Aircraft/Pilot Scheduler Enhancements in SMS Pro

SMS Pro's aviation safety management software recently included an optional Aircraft Pilot Scheduler. First version allows for more than simply scheduling pilots and aircraft. Safety portal can implement multiple schedulers, depending on the purpose.

Detailed FAA Gap Analysis Model Added to Aviation Safety Software

New Gap Analysis model has been added to the popular Web based aviation safety management software SMS Pro. The Gap Analysis is an important step in implementing aviation safety management systems required by most airlines and airports today.

New Aviation Safety Management Software Reported Hazards' Email Attachments

New aviation safety management software features added to SMS Pro's airline/airport safety software. These features allow email attachments to be easily incorporated into the documentation of the airline or airport risk management processes.

New Aircraft Weight & Balance App for iPhone & iPad Integrated in Safety Software

SMS Pro has a configurable Aircraft Weight & Balance module that works on an iPhone or iPad (or other smartphone). This module works even when connectivity to the Internet is lost.

New Aviation Safety Reporting Software Tools

New aviation safety reporting software tools added to SMS Pro. Tools include health safety environment reporting forms that feed directly into the aviation safety management system.

Aviation Safety Software - New Resource Scheduler Added

Aviation safety management software typically follows ICAO's four pillars. Mature aviation safety software products are adding new features that not directly related to safety regulatory requirements. SMS Pro now adds a new resource scheduler.

New Workflow for Airport Safety Management System Software

SMS Pro is Web based software allowing airports (aerodromes) to manage ICAO compliant safety management systems (SMS). SMS Pro facilitates management of both reactive and proactive safety processes. SMS Pro has modified risk management workflow.

New Authority Workflow in Aviation Safety Management Software

Chain of command in risk management indicates that there is only one person ultimately responsible for airline and airport accidents, incidents and irregularities. Often an issue needs to be managed by two divisions independently. New workflow rules.

New HSE Integration in Enterprise Aviation Safety Management Software (SMS)

Each country has HSE reporting needs for employee injuries and environmental events. SMS Pro is used for aviation safety management systems for airlines, airports and flight schools. New HSE reporting forms are now included to integrate systems.

New Aviation SMS Policies and Procedures Enhancements

Airlines and airport must have processes for documenting regulations by which they are regulated. It must be available to employees and reviewed regularly. SMS Pro offers new enhancements to it aviation SMS Policies & Procedures module.

Three New Features Added to Aviation Safety Management Software

NorthWest Data Solutions (NWDS) announced today that three new features are to be added this spring to the popular Web based aviation safety management software SMS Pro. These features are to be integrated into two of the sixty plus modules.

Integrated Aviation Safety Management Software Gets New Tools

NWDS' Web based aviation safety management software is adding more tools this year to attract more customers. The business strategy is to have an integrated aviation safety management system that does more than satisfy the aviation SMS requirements.

Free 30-day Trial of Aviation SMS Safety Management Software Comes Early

NWDS deployed a new version of the fully customized aviation hazard reporting software for aviation risk management, called SMS Pro 10-100 with a new, free one-month trial period. Free trial period was early because testing ended early.

Safety Management Software Tools Added for Airlines & Airports

NWDS, maker of SMS Pro™ announces that SMS texting is now offered to airlines and airports using SMS Pro's hazard reporting software. For five years, email notifications have been notifying safety managers of aviation incidents and accidents.

Free Trial Offered in 2013 Aviation Safety Management Software

Recently, NorthWest Data Solutions (NWDS) discontinued a free aviation safety management software, SMS Pro Lite. Another aviation safety product replaced the free version called SMS Pro 10-100. NWDS announced Friday a one-month free trial will come.

Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) New Features by SMS Pro

Aviation safety management systems increasingly evolve as airlines and airports increase budgets for Web based safety software systems. SMS Pro™ continues to lead the pack by adding new features to satisfy demand and remain competitive.

Formal Aviation SMS Training for 2013 Announced by SMS Pro

NorthWest Data Solutions in Anchorage, Alaska released their aviation SMS training schedule for 2013. While formal SMS training is not required to use the Web based aviation SMS software, SMS Pro™, it is strongly encouraged.

New Aviation Safety Software Product Offered

ICAO regulations from November 2006 requires aviation service providers to implement formal safety management system (SMS) accepted by the State..." SMS Pro™ has been providing software solution to manage these requirements. New product announced!

Aviation Safety Software SMS Pro™ Lite Finished But Replacement Coming

For two years, airports, airlines, MROs and flight schools were allowed to use a "Lite" version of Aviation Safety Software SMS Pro™ for free. During those two years, over 880 companies signed up with 550 safety portals created.